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Fiber reinforced polymer mesh

Fiber reinforced polymer mesh
The Fiber Reinforced Polymer Mesh from Kremex, LLC is based on fiberglass or basalt fiber circular beams located perpendicular to each other and stably fixed at the points of junction. Mesh windows are mostly square, their minimum size is 50х50 mm, but products having larger windows can be also manufactured. Composite mesh is usually manufactured in form of coils or sheets. Mesh may be up to 2 m wide and of any length.

Features of Composite Reinforcing Mesh:

Corrosion and chemical resistance: as compared to steel, fiber reinforced polymer mesh is extremely resistant to oxidization and corrosion resulted from exposure to humidity, salts or chemical substances. Due to this, durability of concrete slab elements reinforced with composite mesh improves.

Strength: as part of the study it has been found that composite mesh is 3-4 times stronger than steel mesh of similar diameter. Due to this, breaking strength indicators of fiber reinforced polymer mesh are higher and this mesh is capable to survive greater bending and tensile stresses. In addition, granular cover coating of the mesh surface in the manufacturing process ensures intensive adhesion between concrete and rebars.

Low thermal conductivity. Fiberglass mesh is about 100 times less conductive than steel one, thermal conductivity being 0.46 W/sq. m. Thus, FRP mesh may be used to prevent cold joints from forming inside the structure.

Low weight: when comparing steel and FRP mesh of similar size, composite mesh weighs 9 times less than steel, which significantly facilitates construction and installation works especially in Precast concrete.

Lifetime: FRP mesh is an extremely wearproof material, not losing its properties with time. According to research data on service life of GFRP mesh reinforcement, strength reduction coefficient of fiberglass rebars for 100-year period is 1.25, i.e. material strength is preserved at 75% of the initial level.


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Fiber reinforced polymer mesh can be used in a wide variety of applications:

Reinforcement of facing masonry and brickwork with FRP mesh.